Camping Bundle

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Introducing our Camping Bundle, designed to enhance your outdoor experience. This bundle includes four essential items: the Neck Cooler, Bug-Off Clip, Shoe Cleaner, and Paper Ramen Cooker.

Neck Cooler:
Stay cool and comfortable even in hot weather with our Neck Cooler. It's a wearable neck wrap that provides instant cooling relief. Just freeze it for a short time, and it will keep you cool for up to 60 minutes. Perfect for outdoor activities, sports, and camping.

Bug-Off Clip:
Protect your furry friends from fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes with our Bug-Off Clip. This clip contains 100% natural essential oils, offering a safe and effective alternative to harmful chemicals. It's easy to use and compatible with all dog sizes. Keep your pets protected and comfortable during outdoor adventures.

Shoe Cleaner:
Keep your sneakers and boots looking fresh with our Shoe Cleaner. These convenient wipes are designed to remove scuffs, dirt, and stains from various shoe materials. The dual-textured wipes are portable and easy to use, making them ideal for on-the-go cleaning. Suitable for leather, rubber, and synthetic materials.

Paper Ramen Cooker:
Cooking during camping trips is made effortless with our Paper Ramen Cooker. This innovative and lightweight design allows you to cook liquid-based meals with ease. It's easy to set up and requires no cleanup. Simply add your ingredients, heat it up, and enjoy a delicious meal. Perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, or any outdoor adventure.

Upgrade your camping experience with our Camping Bundle. Stay cool, protect your pets, keep your shoes clean, and enjoy convenient cooking. Order now and make your outdoor adventures even more enjoyable!