[20PCS] Kleenex Baby to Toddler Mask XS Size | Made in Korea

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🔸 PREMIUM QUALITY AND QUALITY CONTROL - Manufactured by the company specialized in the mask using High-Quality Filter (MB) created by the innovative technology.  

🔸 EASY BREATHING - 3D structured to let you breathe more comfortable and easy with. 

🔸 GREAT SAFETY - 3-Layer Protection with high-quality MB filter - Advanced Quadruple Filtration System and Innovative Melt Blown techniques block up to very tiny dust particles. Individually packed.

🔸 COMFORTABLE & GENTLE - Nonwoven ear loops, foldable structure without nose wire. XS size for baby to toddler. Recommended for 24 months and up.

🔸 Made in South KOREA

🔴 NOTE: The date printed on the package is a manufactured date, NOT an expiration date.
🔴 “제조” means “Manufactured” & "까지" means "Expired Date"