Aegis Bug-Off Clip for Dogs, Repelling Flea, Tick & Mosquito - Heart

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  • 🐾NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Stop applying dangerous and harmful chemicals to your dog! Our bug-off clip contains plant-based, 100% natural essential oils, including peppermint, citronella, and white mineral oils that are safe for your dog’s health and well-being. Provides a better, more affordable, and safer alternative in comparison to other flea and tick sprays, collars, and oily topical applications.
  • 🐾EASY CLIP & GO! Our new, modern, and patent-pending clip design allows for a quick and easy way to attach it to dogs. It only takes 1 second to install with secured attachment on harnesses, collars, and clothes. Save time from applying topicals and putting collars on. No more oily hairs from topical treatments!
  • 🐾UNIVERSAL INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: No more uncomfortable collars or sprays with limited coverage and efficiency! Our waterproof clip lets your dog to enjoy swimming and playing in the rain without losing any protection. Have a peace of mind!
  • 🐾ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Our clip is compatible with all dog sizes from small to large! No need to check the size charts. If you need stronger protection, add one more clip. Our new, cute, stylish clip designs accent your dog’s fashion look.
  • 🐾LONG-LASTING & EFFECTIVE BUG DEFENSE: Our bug-off clip with all-natural, enhanced bug-repellent formula wards off fleas, ticks and mosquitos, minimizing common indicators of restlessness, excessive scratching, and biting caused by the bugs. Keep your furry friend safe and comfortable.