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  • PROTECT FLOORS & CLOTHES - With this water splash guard you can get all your dishwashing done without fear of soaking your clothes or the floor. The silicone guard sticks in front of the sink, blocking the splashes and splatter that can so often ruin a nice outfit, or have us reaching for the mop!
  • STRONG SUCTION CUPS - This silicone sink splash guard is designed with 5 suction cups on the bottom, making setup easy and effective. All you need to do is stick it down in front of the sink and you'll have an effective splash guard for kitchen, bathroom, or island sink usage.
  • EASY CLEAN - This kitchen sink splash guard is very easy to clean. It doesn't pick up stains, making it easy to hand wash, while it's also totally dishwasher safe. After bearing the brunt of splash back and kitchen debris, simply toss it in the dishwasher and sit back, no trouble at all.
  • HEAT-RESISTANT - Being heat-resistant makes this sink splash shield great for heavy-duty dishwashing sessions. It won't melt or deform under the pressure of a hot sink, while being heat-resistant also makes this sink splash protector perfectly suited to being cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • BPA-FREE - This kitchen splash guard is totally free from BPA plastics, being made from silicone. This means that when using it while washing fruit and veg none of the splash back from the guard itself will be tainted with the nasty toxins and chemicals associated with BPA products.

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